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New prognostic test for improved cancer treatment
New prognostic test for improved cancer treatment
January 31, 2012

Researchers at the Oslo University Hospital have developed a gene signature that is suitable to be developed into a prognostic test for patients with stage II colorectal cancer.

The test has been named ColoGuideEx and can predict at time of diagnosis whether the patient who has undergone curative surgery in fact has a good or bad prognosis. If he or she belongs to the latter group (25%) chemo therapy may be an option. This remains to be investigated but the prognostic robustness of the gene signature has been shown.

Validated as a robust test
ColoGuideEx measures the activity of 13 genes in the cancer tissue, and each gene contributes with prognostic information. The test is developed through advanced statistics on gene expression measurements of all human genes from cancer patients treated at the hospital. ColoGuideEx has been validated as a robust test in two independent series of patient samples, one from Norway and the other one from USA and Australia.

Developed by Centre for Cancer Biomedicine
The research behind ColoGuideEx was published on January 2nd 2012, in the prestigious journal GUT. This work was led by Professor Ragnhild A. Lothe, and is part of a larger collaboration on "prognostic and predictive biomarkers of colorectal cancer" between the Department of Cancer Prevention, Institute for Cancer Research and Department of Gastro Surgery, by Professor Arild Nesbakken. All authors are affiliated with the Centre for Cancer Biomedicine, which is a member of the Oslo Cancer Cluster.

Serious disease
Colorectal cancer has the second most incidences of all cancer types in Norway, with about 3500 new cases annually. About 40% of the colorectal cancer patients die of the disease within five years. The prognosis is dependent on the disease stage at the time of diagnosis.

For more information see Oslo University Hospital's website.

Photo: Professor Ragnhild A. Lothe, Centre for Cancer Biomedicine.

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