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Oslo Cancer Cluster is a non profit member-, and network organization for industry, organizations, research institutions, finance institutions and regional development actors in the field of cancer R&D. Oslo Cancer Cluster wants to include more members from all parts of Norway and abroad.
As of June 2013 we have more than 70 members.
Oslo Cancer Cluster vision is to improve the lives of cancer patients by accelerating the development of new cancer diagnostics and medicines. As a member you will contribute to this vision and important goal. You will also receive several member benefits included in the membership fee.

The member benefits as stated in the membership agreement:

Network and competence:
• • Access to the newest results in cancer research and development through participation in national forums and professional arenas such as R&D networks, the Onkologisk Fagdag seminar and Cancer Crosslinks
• • Access to the newest results in cancer research and development through participation in international forums such as European Cancer Cluster Partnering (ECCP) and International Cancer Cluster Showcase (ICCS)
• • Opportunities for professional updates from international research conferences through meetings such as Onkologisk Fagdag
• The Cluster offers facilitated participation in national and international conferences
• Participation in collaboration and professional networks and access to interdisciplinary and complementary competence through forums and cooperation projects in the Cluster
• • Participation in political thematic meetings such as 'Government Day'
• • The Cluster's secretariat prepares themes and programs for professional meetings and other forums on the basis of input received from cluster members.

Direct linking of partners/matchmaking:

• • Access to international partnering conferences organized by the Cluster with targeted invitations to representatives of the international pharmaceutical industry, investors, licence holders etc.
• The Cluster's secretariat offers advice and help in establishing direct connections between cluster members and relevant national and international partners.

Promotion and marketing of members:
• • Member profiles on the Cluster website, with direct links to the members' own websites.
• Logo promotion in all national and international forums where the Cluster is represented
• • Active marketing of participating member enterprises at national and international conferences and professional meetings
• • Active use of the Cluster's website and social media to distribute news from member businesses
• Media consulting and pitching news items from cluster members to the media
• Access to the Cluster's media contacts
• • Assistance in the preparation and broad distribution of press releases
• • Promotion in an annual supplement aimed at the general public.

Opportunity to participate in strategic working groups together with members that work on the same issues:
• Active cooperation with other members to resolve common challenges, for example a foresight process with clinical studies
• Advice to the Cluster's board of directors based on strategic cooperation between members
• Active lobbying based on cooperation between members.

A politically neutral channel for information about framework conditions of importance to all the members
• Active lobbying in the form of series of meetings, lectures, consultation submissions, formal input, articles, op ed articles etc.
• Meetings with public authorities in order to influence the health authorities to improve the framework conditions for biotechnology, cancer research and the health system in general, for example the annual 'Government Day'.

Courses and competence-raising measures
• Seminars about presentation techniques and how to deal with the media
• Advice and assistance in the preparation of marketing material, presentation and investor pitches
• Advice on business development, marketing plans and strategy plans
• Advice and assistance in the preparation of op ed articles, articles and letters to the editor.

For more info, please contact advisor Marthe Brovold Løberg

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